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An ever-evolving strategy experience


Set in a post-apoc version of Earth, Revival is a 4x strategy game where the world and its rules can change at key moments, creating a deep and highly replayable experience. Explore a transformed planet, negotiate or conquer new territories and bring the light of civilization to regressing human colonies in order to prepare mankind for war with a despotic entity.

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Enjoy an unprecedented level of freedom

Progress through the ages

Survivors of the terrible catastrophe that almost destroyed mankind have unique traits and bonuses that affect your gameplay style. Pick the right tribe to take under your wing and help your followers evolve through four distinct epochs, all the way to futuristic settlements and breakthrough technology.

Choose Your Emissarу

An emissary is your avatar in Revival. In addition to being the only unit that can establish settlements, each emissary has a few unique tricks up their sleeves and gains access to different technologies and bonuses at the start of the game.


The way of the people should not be one of blind obedience to the commands of the emissaries. We are not overseers or gods as referred to by some. Rather, our role is to represent the will of humanity entrusted in our care. Emissaries speak for the subjugated masses, slaves to the whims of a deranged being. Their voices shall be silenced no more.

Tano Olazzar


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Gain access to the Alpha (ETA - Q3 2020), learn insider info about the game and get a free digital calendar and wallpaper right now!

I have read and agreed with the Privacy Policy